Biological samples

For the clinical subcohorts SMCC and COSMC fasting whole blood, serum, plasma, buffy coat, urine, fat biopsies and stool samples have been collected. The samples have been collected after over-night fasting, they have been light protected during collection, serum and plasma has been aliquoted after cool centrifugation. All the samples are stored in -80°C freezers. Almost 40,000 DNA samples from saliva may be used for analysis of DNA from oral microbiota (8,700 females and 31,100 males). DNA is stored in -20°C freezers.

In addition, researchers at Örebro University are since four years collecting blood samples (whole blood, plasma and serum) from COSM members with incident urological cancer (prostate, kidney, bladder and penile cancer). Urine is additionally collected from prostate cancer patients. Hitherto, samples from approximately 2,000 incident cancer cases have been collected.